February 2018 Daily Life


This is something I used to do and keep in my planner, but will now be recording here. Time passes quickly to me and I wanted a way of recording what daily life looked like for Tyler and me (we may be lame old fogeys, but this usually consists of what shows we're watching, what outings we're usually taking, what the overall weather was, etc). I've loved looking back at the rhythm of our lives and writing down these snapshots of each month has just been lovely.  

January of this year was just a resting period for us, so I'm not sad that I didn't record it. But I'll start again here with February Daily Life. These categories I established are arbitrary, but I found that they helped summarize the overall ambiance of the month well.


  • Surprisingly beautiful and warm for winter
  • Snow mid-month


  • The Good Place: I finally convinced Tyler to watch this with me and we're both SO glad I did! (I convinced him by mentioning that it takes place in the same universe as Parks & Rec - there's a Dennis Feinstein ad in one of the shots.)
  • Queer Eye
  • Charlie Luxton's Homes by the Sea: This is a genre I'm realizing is strongly in my wheelhouse; British real estate shows. Any and every kind.
  • Altered Carbon


  • The Mummy Congress by Heather Pringle
  • Ghosts Know by Ramsey Campbell
  • The Other Side of History, a Great Courses lecture by Robert Garland

Notable Events

  • Jury duty
  • Taking friends to Bollywood Theater
  • Brunch at The Bad Habit Room


  • Playing LOTS of Breath of the Wild
  • Oregon Archaeological Society class on Saturdays
  • Figuring out lease shenanigans


  • Finishing a huge closet clean-out
  • Getting productivity back
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